Greenbrier Location Wrestling Practice

As of 12/20, practices will be moving to the CrossFit Greenbrier Gym located at 2 Becky Ln, Greenbrier.

If not already signed up, consider joining us. Please DM us on Facebook @GuardDogWrestling if interested.

Greenbrier Wrestling Practice – 6-13 Years Old

Date6-13 Years Old
5/9 [email protected] CrossFit Greenbrier6:05pm – 7:45pm
5/11 Thurs – No Class
5/16 Tues – No Class
5/18 [email protected] CrossFit Greenbrier6:00pm – 7:45pm
5/23 [email protected] CrossFit Greenbrier6:05pm – 7:45pm
5/25 [email protected] CrossFit Greenbrier6:00pm – 7:45pm
2023 Youth Schedule